Heid O’ The Hill

The Broomhill area is currently undergoing a major regeneration which RIG Arts is delighted to be part of. We aim to create community spaces and activities for the area that are sorely lacking at the moment. Free art and photography workshops are available to all local residents.  These workshops have created great work using exciting and innovating methods including ‘light drawing’, drone filming and stone carving.

For more information and all the latest news and images on this project, visit the ‘Heid O’ The Hill’ blog.

Current and upcoming classes include heritage based textile classes with artists and designers Susan McInnes and Steph Davidson, workshops for putting together a Broomhill walking trail and the creation of the Broomhill heritage mural mural by painter Jim Strachan.

This is an art and heritage project taking place in the Broomhill area of Greenock, facilitated by RIG Arts, and in partnership with River Clyde Homes.

For more info on any of these classes or if you’d like to be involved contact info@rigarts.org.